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by TjVatio
12 Sep 2020 19:00
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: missing tab when going back to one file
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Re: missing tab when going back to one file

+1 but I can reproduce the bug only in certain conditions.

  1. open 2 files.
  2. select the last one.
  3. resize screen until you only see the last tab. (click < - > buttons)
  4. close tab (either x or Ctrl+F4)
  5. first tab disappeared.
HxD_missing_tab_steps.jpg (134.72 KiB) Viewed 904 times
Greetings! :wink:
by TjVatio
12 Sep 2020 17:11
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Go to, text selection.
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Go to, text selection.

Hey guys! Maybe is a "small" bug, but here it is. HxD v2.4.0.0. Windows 7 x86. First this affect only the text selection and not the functionality of Go to. To reproduce: Open Go to, write an unspecific offset, Click OK (or Cancel button), open Go to again and the text is no longer selecte...