Win 7 different than win 10

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Win 7 different than win 10

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I am trying to track down a problem with an SD card. When it is formatted with Win7, the card is read by an external device just fine. When it is formatted by Win10, it is not even recognized. If it is formatted by Win7 and the file is copied in Win10, the device sees the card, but cannot read the file. Both are formatting using FAT32. I was hoping to see something glaring with HxD, but they are so different there is nothing obvious. Can anyone provide any hints or wisdom that might point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Win 7 different than win 10

Post by Maël »

These are just random guesses:
  • The sd card may be to big for the external device
  • Win10 uses another cluster size than Win7, by default
  • Maybe the filenames are stored differently (short names or long names are skipped...)
  • Maybe you accidentally used ExFat instead of Fat32
  • The external device may have other rigid requirements regarding Fat32
You can also try to put the file in a sub directory instead of the root directory.
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