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HxD update ( stable)

Posted: 16 Apr 2008 14:41
by Maƫl
Finally after a long wait and several beta versions a new stable version of HxD is released.
  • New features
    • File sharing has been greatly relaxed but is still safe.
      • Files opened in HxD can now be opened at the same time in other applications under most circumstances (and vice versa), when a file cannot be accessed a caching system kicks in.
    • Installable edition of HxD.
    • Portable edition of HxD.
      • Can be used on USB-sticks and similar removable devices, since now the configuration is stored as INI in the application directory.
  • Enhancements
    • Entry of numerical values is more flexible (for example in Goto-dialog).
    • Veil-selection in inactive column.
      • To make the selection in the inactive column more visible it looks now like a translucent veil is put upon the data, instead of just a black frame.
    • Sector position directly in the disk editor.
      • This was done to ease orientation, similarly to the offset column, but placed on the right of the hex-column.
Also note that since the last stable 1.6.1 there have been quite some improvements introduced in the beta releases, now available in the stable release. Some major changes were:
  • New features
    • File compare (simple)
    • Only hex or only text mode
    • Grouping of bytes
    • New command "write" (similar to paste but overwrites instead of inserting)
    • Support for clipboard formats of other hex editors
  • Major Enhancement
    • Replace/Replace all is very much faster due to a totally redesigned data structure that can handle millions of edits (independent of file size)
There are more enhancements and some bug fixes you can find in the detailed list of changes.