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HxD major update ( beta)

Posted: 22 Mar 2006 22:01
by Maƫl
  • New functions
    • Split file
    • Concatenate files
    • Safely delete files (Shredder)
    • Insert bytes
    • Fill selection
  • Enhancements of existing functions
    • Clipboard was largely reworked:
      • Unlimited amount of data can be copied (unlimited = free RAM)
      • Support for Unicode
      • Paste/Copy Hex Dumps
      • Progress display
      • Additional native clipboard format for HMTL and RTF, allows pasting of formatted text into apps like WordPad or Mozilla Thunderbird (instead of the source code)
    • Searching supports true Unicode (not only ANSI subset), allows searching of special characters like those in the DOS-char set
    • Backup-enhancements:
      • Progress display when creating backup
      • Backup creation can be cancelled
      • Warning when there is no place for a backup
    • Overall better Unicode support
    • Generally added progress display for all lengthy operations
    • For more details see here
  • Many bug fixes