Go to, text selection.

Bug reports concerning HxD.
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Go to, text selection.

Post by TjVatio »

Hey guys!

Maybe is a "small" bug, but here it is.
HxD v2.4.0.0.
Windows 7 x86.

First this affect only the text selection and not the functionality of Go to.

To reproduce:
Open Go to, write an unspecific offset, Click OK (or Cancel button), open Go to again and the text is no longer selected.

Hitting Enter or Escape key works fine, only happen when you click the buttons.
HxD Go to-2020.jpg
HxD Go to-2020.jpg (60.57 KiB) Viewed 5022 times
This not occur on the v1.7.7.0 (both ways works).

Greetings! :wink:
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Re: Go to, text selection.

Post by Paxtez »

This still exists in
I thought I was going crazy since half the time I ctrl+g, ctrl+v I need to go in and delete the previously searched for value.

(IMHO FWIW the default behavior should be to have it selected on both)
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