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Unexpected behavior closing a file, leading to data loss

Posted: 11 Apr 2019 03:47
by cbrt64
To reproduce (HxD x86-64, Win10 Home 1803):
1. Create and modify a file
2. Close the file (or, exit HxD)
3. In confirmation dialog, select "Yes"
4. In file name selection dialog, select "Cancel", or close

Expected result:
The file (and HxD) should stay open, as if confirmation -> "Cancel" had been selected, since saving the file did not complete. Compare to e.g. notepad.

Actual result:
The file closes (or HxD exits) without being saved, as if confirmation -> "No" had been selected.
Currently, once the file name dialog appears, the user must save the file or it will be lost.

I've been using HxD for a decade or more, thank you for keeping this useful tool alive and well!