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Fixed: HxD: Buggy display of column-offsets >= 100

Posted: 08 Jan 2006 10:54
by Schtrudel
If you try to display more than 100 (in dec) char per lines, the numbering will take 1 offset left over the data.

Just try to display 200 char per lines! (in decimal).
And yes, it's very important to me.


Posted: 08 Jan 2006 14:49
by Maël
Well the reason is apparently that the numbers are getting to "wide", anything > 99 will have at least 3 digits.

The thing I could do, is use the space that separates the header offsets from each other, to print the additional digit, but this also means there is no more space between the offsets which makes it harder to read.

Another more readable possibility would be (leading digit as subscript):

Why do you need this? This could help to find better ways of solving this.

Posted: 09 Jan 2006 13:54
by Schtrudel
The most current example is to look at MPEG transport stream that are A LOT mre readable when organized in 188 or 204 bytes.

Posted: 09 Jan 2006 13:58
by Maël
Please be so kind to provide a link.

Posted: 10 Jan 2006 18:42
by Maël
I misunderstood you...

What do you think of the above presentation (picture), do you have other ideas, suggestions?

Posted: 11 Jan 2006 00:17
by Schtrudel
Well, that is fine, but I look at what is doing winhex, they simply go back to 0:

98 99 00 01 02...

So it's perhaps enough (since what you will do if someone even more crazy than me wants to align every KByte!), but perhaps add on the status bar the column were the cursor is (like in some text editor or in excel when you got the line and column in the status bar)

Posted: 18 Feb 2006 12:54
by Maël
I fixed this issue some time ago. I am still working on the new version, so expect a new release of HxD in about 3 weeks.

Posted: 18 Mar 2006 21:09
by Maël
Fixed in actual Beta.
Beta will be available shortly for everyone to test.