Offtopic: BCB 2006 Compile/Link Problem

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Offtopic: BCB 2006 Compile/Link Problem

Post by Inverness » 06 Apr 2006 01:48

I downloaded the 3-6-2006 version of UniSynEdit and attempted to build it in Borland C++ Developer Studio 2006 using the C++ Personality.

I had a hard time getting the source to compile and finally got it after fiddling with the Required section. I essentially had to remove and re-add dbrtl.bpi and vcldb.bpi to get things to compile and install.

I dropped a SynEdit control on a form and tried to compile and I get errors about ambiguity between WideString and TWideString.

Another strange issue is in the Components | Install Packages shows a list of packages. A package I use from another company, DevExpress, shows up 2x. The duplicate is actually the SynEdit_BCB2006.bpi library. I never get a SynEdit named Design Package yet the SynEdit component pallet appears to populate OK.


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Post by Maël » 06 Apr 2006 01:54

Sorry, I don't have C++ Builder, so I cannot help you with this (I only got sent a package for BDS 2006)
Try the synedit lists, perhaps someone there can help you.

See here
post to SynEdit-Developer or SynEdit-User.

Regards, Maël.

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