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HxD Hex Edit Memory fault & hang up

Posted: 22 Jan 2010 00:42
by DrokeFast
FYI - Program quits with an out of memory error, and then is unable to be terminated normally. This occurs when editing a 50MB file replacing about 2 million instances of a single hex byte with another single hex byte. It gets about half way with memory utilization of about 45MB before bombing.

Interesting that your program runs faster than several others.

HexEdit 3.0F from
Visual SlickEdit

But the above totally choke, making about 1 replacement/second and 1GB memory utilization after 1-hour running.

Just attempting to convert field delimiters in a large .csv file.

Solved my problem another way - but otherwise your program looks the best of about 8 other hex edit utilities I tried.

Re: HxD Hex Edit Memory fault & hang up

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 23:27
by Maƫl
In case you can send me the file (or better give me a link to a compressed file) that would be helpful to reproduce the error.