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Fixed: Copy As C is very slow

Posted: 28 Apr 2013 14:52
by powARman
Hi Maël,

I'm using HxD v1.7.7.0 under Windows 7 x64. I often use the "Copy As C" functionality which works fine for small files. When doing this with bigger files around 1MB in size, it takes more than 30 seconds until the data is copied. This seems quite slow to me.

I'm quite sure that with older versions of HxD (maybe some 1.6.x) the copying was much faster. Unfortunately I do not have the older versions any longer and they are not available for download to verify my assumption.

Best regards,

Re: Copy As C is very slow

Posted: 24 Oct 2017 20:39
by Maël
In HxD 2.0 RC, this is almost instantaneous for a file bigger than 2 MiB.