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Not a bug: Font setting bug in options dialog

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 18:52
by Maël
Repost from a user reported bug:

I think there is a bug in font selection in HxD - just try to select different standard than 'Western' - it always back to Western.
Changing encoding is very helpful for reading/modifying international texts in files.
Check hexedit for reference.

Re: Font setting bug in options dialog

Posted: 03 Nov 2017 00:09
by Maël
The issue with font encodings is that no other part of the program is aware of it, unless it uses the same font (with the same encoding).
Encoding should not be font specific, but tied to data, or other text fields with other fonts will display it differently.

There was a feature request related to supporting Sourier New (a modified version of Courier New that uses non-standard encodings):

But so far this is not a bug and intended behavior, so it's enough to track the feature request linked above.