HxD: CRC Improvements

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HxD: CRC Improvements

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Hello Maël Hörz,
dear developers,

Thank you very much for this great tool. HxD is the best hexadecimal editor and analysis tool I know.
I like to use the CRC feature to check data integrity. It works great, but I see some points to make it even more convenient:
My investigations relate to HxD Version

1) After the user-defined CRC was edited (Button "Benutzerdefiniertes CRC..."), this CRC should be selected in the list of available algorithms.
(This improvement is assumingly an addition of one line of code.)

2) It would be handy to add named user CRC algorithms. These may be defined by its parameters in a text (or JSON file) somewhere in the program or user folder. Idea: Accept the format which is already shown in https://reveng.sourceforge.io/crc-catalogue/all.htm

3) It maybe useful to have more than one CRC / checksum algorithm in the result pane on the main window.

Best regards
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