Ignore "file" if it's a folder

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Ignore "file" if it's a folder

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First of all, let me thank you for creating HxD - I've been using it for years and tries lots of different HexEditors, but none of them works for me like yours does.
So I'm happy to see that you continue developing it.

I would like to propose several enhancements (I will open separate threads as it seems you use it like a bug tracker).
btw: Thank you for not using googlecaptcha during registration (but your blocklist for emails still sucks...).

Ignore "file" if it's a folder
I use HxD in conjunction with SpeedCommander (TotalCommander/MC alternative).
There I have a button to run other programs. It will give the selected files/folders via cmd to the starting program.
This works fine with HxD except for when one of those "files" is actually a folder. Then HxD will give an error message - this is obviously expected because it's not a file, but this is very annoying.

Please implement a check if the "file" to open via cmd args is actually a file, and if not, just silently ignore it.

Thank you

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