Add additional checksum algorithms

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Add additional checksum algorithms

Post by Fireboyd78 »

HxD is starting to come together nicely! Great work so far on HxD 2.2! :D

I'd like to request some additional checksum algorithms that are commonly used. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Jenkins-One-At-A-Time (JOAAT)
  • CRC64
  • FNV-1a (32-bit & 64-bit)
With the potential addition of CRC64, it may be necessary to rename "Custom CRC" to "Custom CRC32" and add a "Custom CRC64" option.

If you do consider this request, please at least add FNV-1a -- the algorithm itself is incredibly simple yet effective.

Thank you!
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Re: Add additional checksum algorithms

Post by cghult »

I am trying to use the HxD for modifying Serial Presence Detect EEPROM files for DIMMs. The CRC algorithm used is CRC-16/XMODEM or CRC-16 CCITT (XMODEM). Can this be added as one of the CRC options?
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Re: Add additional checksum algorithms

Post by Maël »

You can use the custom CRC function and search for the polynom and other settings on Wikipedia.
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