Improved "Paste"

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Improved "Paste"

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The "Copy" function allows copying the binary data into many different formats (which is one of the key features of HxD for me).

I just recently needed to "Paste" and discovered, through trial-and-error, that the only way to paste into HxD is as sequences of two hex-digits.

ie, 00 01 02 03 ....

It would be _awesome_ if HxD had a way to parse the data being pasted so that different formats could be used.

(Hex with prefix)
0x00 0x01 0x02 ...

(Decimal) :
0 1 23 128

Ignore comma/whitespace (including carriage-returns):
0x00 , 0x01 , 0x02 , ...

Ideally HxD should be able to parse all the data formats that it also exports to.

Many thanks for considering. In the meantime I use a Notepad++ macro to "fix" the data so this is more a convenience than necessity.
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