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file comparison log as list

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Dear Maël Hörz,

I have another feature request respective idea for you.

An additional file comparison mode would be nice, where all the differences of two files are listed at once in an overview that can also be saved as a text file.

For example like this:
File comparison:
Search for differences.

1. "Test File 1.exe": 4.213.666 Bytes (09.10.19 15:38:29)
2. "Test File 2.exe": 4.213.666 Bytes (09.10.19 15:39:13)

Offsets: hexadez.

1A3A40:    88     56
1A3A41:     BB     6D

3DA55A:     07     E0
3DA55B:     61     80
3DA55C:     E3     D9
3DA55D:     93     5E
3DA55E:     EA     DF

3DA5DD:     1D     5D

3DA5E3:     B6     5E
3DA5E4:    AE     64
3DA5E5:     F3    95
3DA5E6:     D8     71

12 differences found.
(Edit: Of course arranged in clean columns. For some reason, tabs are not displayed correctly here. :roll: )

What do you think about that?

Kind regards,
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