File compare enhancements

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File compare enhancements

Post by trangtrainam »

i have a few features to request, if you see they are suitable features

-When comparing two files, i would like to have mark red on both file,
when i scroll bar, both file move together. ( like Total Commander )

For Big file, i can't press F6 so long, console runs next byte

-When i press Ctrl+g , i don't see where the console is , could you inverse the color of console ? or an option for changing it )

-Windows view, add Title Vertical, because now people have Wide screen

-When i mark block by Ctrl + left ( right) arrow , then cheksum CRC, i want to move back or forward marked block by Ctrl + left (right ) arrow, the file name change on window CRC checksum, not the marked block

by the way you offer a great free Hex editor tool.

thanks very much,
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