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Edit -> Select Block... (Ctrl+E)

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 20:16
by mukke
Hello Maël,

I'd like to request a little change in the 'Select block' window: the possibility to set 'End-offset' and 'Length' to be able to, well, select a block of fixed length in first instance. :roll:

Thank You for that awesome program and considering this request,
kind regards

Re: Edit -> Select Block... (Ctrl+E)

Posted: 02 Apr 2020 22:36
by Maël
I don't understand what you mean. What's wrong with the way it works now? Please give an example.

Re: Edit -> Select Block... (Ctrl+E)

Posted: 05 Apr 2020 06:56
by Maël
I suppose you mean selecting backwards, i.e., set the start offset, then select x bytes before that.

This could be achieved by allowing negative numbers for Length.

Again, please give an example for the numbers of end-offset and length and what behavior you would expect.

Re: Edit -> Select Block... (Ctrl+E)

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 22:26
by mukke
Hello Maël,
sorry answering that late.. (been busy with examination last couple of month and totally forgot about this..)

yes, selecting backwards is what i want to do and negative numbers for length would accomplish exactly that

an example: microcode tinkering with AWARD BIOS
search: *ALIN16* -> Byte before first asterisk is end-offset
next 8 Byte give length of block (little endian)

so i have/know:
3. Length of block
2. End-offset==(offset_of_*ALIN16*)-1

press ctrl+e to select block
BUT have to calculate 1. required Start-offset by myself
see attached screenshot (might be better easier to understand then my kauderwelsh)

once again, kind regards