Keyboard shortcut - Close file and delete

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Keyboard shortcut - Close file and delete

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First the obligatory thank you for what is one of if not the best hex-editing program available.

Absolutely love using it for bulk jobs involving a large number of files, however I truly miss a keyboard shortcut that is present in most other bulk job programs I use - A keyboard shortcut to 'close and move to recycle bin' the file currently in focus.

This would greatly help workflow when editing exported MonoBehaviour assets, cooked Unreal files etc. as the amount of files is usually quite large and they often lack an identifying filename for what the content is. Therefor a keyboard shortcut to close and move the file to recycle bin would help remove some fairly time consuming steps in at least that specific process.
As for a suggestion on what the shortcut should be, I'd recommend something along the lines of Shift+Alt+Del or similar 3-key shortcut in order to make it awfully difficult for a user to accidentally press it.

Thank you for your time!
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