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Done: HxD: Multilanguage support?

Posted: 28 Mar 2007 15:26
by Shockproof Jamo
Hello Maël. Shockproof Jamo here, a satisfied user of HxD. I have a question. Ever thought about implementing support for multiple languages? I've noticed that you already support English and German languages, and I just happend to be in a position where I'd be capable of producing a Finnish language translation for you, if you find the idea at all interesting. Hey, do comment if I caught your attention.

Re: HxD: Multilanguage support?

Posted: 29 Mar 2007 16:48
by Maël
Hi Shockproof Jamo.

Yes, I thought about implementing different languages since introducing the English translation of HxD. I also have a translation program, which I'll release soon after the coming 1.7 version of HxD (which will be in a couple of days).

Somebody already asked to translate HxD into Finnish before (now almost a year ago). So I'll ask him first if he still wants to do it.

Posted: 29 Mar 2007 23:21
by Shockproof Jamo
Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll be checking your site and this forum every now and then for possible updates regarding this matter.


Posted: 03 May 2007 12:53
by Maël
I'll be releasing the translation software now in about 2-3 weeks.
I have contacted the other person I told you about, and he is still interested in translating HxD to Finnish.

Edit: I only released Babelfish, the translation tool, on Wednesday, 2007-06-20.

Posted: 20 Jun 2007 22:06
by Yoneh
I am currently doing the job for localizing HxD into Finnish.

The translation work is hitherto going in a good pace and is getting complete apace.

Posted: 29 Jun 2007 22:44
by Maël
Image HxD was translated to Finnish thanks to Jouni Kähkönen!

You can get it here:

If somebody wants to translate HxD in another language, feel free to contact me here:

Posted: 03 Jul 2007 18:39
by Shockproof Jamo
Well, I must admit, a damn fine job from Yoneh's part. Helvetin hyvää työtä, maanmies! :wink:

Posted: 05 Jul 2007 23:39
by Bream
I could translate HxD to Spanish. Just tell me what do I have to do.

Btw, thanks for this amazing program!

Posted: 06 Jul 2007 02:02
by Maël
Sorry, I didn't reply yet. I'll post the files tomorrow.

Re: HxD: Multilanguage support?

Posted: 19 Jul 2008 15:01
by Maël

Re: Done: HxD: Multilanguage support?

Posted: 29 Jul 2008 00:49
by Mashnin
It would be nice if HxD use plain text language file, instead of hardcoded into exe.

Re: Done: HxD: Multilanguage support?

Posted: 29 Jul 2008 01:01
by Maël