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HxD: Support for multibyte character sets

Posted: 14 Jun 2007 10:43
by fromnuaa
Hi, ANSI charset can't use windows default codepage in Hxd beta

My windows xp is english version (language for non-unicode program is set as "China(PRC)", but in HxD 1.7.10 beta, ansi charset is still 1252 rather than 936 (simplified chinese).

Please fix above problem, thanks.

Posted: 14 Jun 2007 13:17
by Maƫl
Multibyte charsets are not supported. I.e. if you choose a multibyte-charset like 936 (simplified chinese) HxD will go back to 1252 charset.

This is intentional, because multibyte chars cause some drawing issues when they are split (line wrap) and characters usually are wider than latin characters. That will be implemented together with support for Unicode in a future version.

Edit: Moved to a feature request and adapted topic