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HxD + XVI32 features

Posted: 17 Jan 2008 11:42
by DVV
At first, thank you for this excellent program! It's great that HxD does not load the whole editing file in a memory because it allows to edit very large files.
However, I think that the perfect hex editor is a combination of HxD and XVI32. The most powerfull and handy feature of XVI32 is its scripts and the XVIscript editor.
XVI32 is also a free hex-editor, so maybe you can contact the author and adapt XVI32's script engine to HxD? It could make HxD the best hex-editor ever possible!

Posted: 18 Jan 2008 21:37
by Maël

scripting and an API-interface will be integrated but at a later point. The reason is that good scripting functionality requires planning so it can be easily maintained and extended later.

Additionally there are some essential features I want to add beforehand so I can better see the issues they will cause and how they affect speed.



Posted: 17 Aug 2008 06:53
by zespri
Yes, some form of scripting would be great. I'm sure that you have some kind of system already planned, but let me give you my use case, just to get an idea what a person might want from a scripting system.

I for example would like to be able to script reading and writing data blocks to/from memory. There is not easy way for example to store/restore MBR or boot sectors. I like booting different operation system from an USB flash drive. However to change one system to another it's not only nescessary to copy the right files to the UFD, but also to write correct MBR and boot sector so the system can boot correctly. There are lot of program on the net that can do it, but I'd like one that can do it in command line manner from a script. HxD would be perfect for the task.

Re: HxD + XVI32 features

Posted: 22 Aug 2008 23:02
by Maël
Ok, thanks for the feedback. I'll take it into account.

Re: HxD + XVI32 features

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 19:28
by jangirke
Hi Maël

You can write an Interface for HxD so you can process stuff with the Windows Powershell or better some free scripting language that you can easily integrate with a simple DLL file.

Best, Jan