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Negative sector addresses

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 17:20
by pTd
I know goto is available and you have plans to add sector addressing, but could you allow negative numbers for the toolbar sector jump? So sector -1 would jump to the start of the end sector, -10 the start of the last 10 sectors etc. It need not continue to display negative, reverting to normal again after the jump would be fine, preferable in fact.

And currently only the Offset changes view with the dec/hex/oct selector. Could this be extended to the sector box and righthand sector address ?

Re: Negative sector addresses

Posted: 12 Jan 2011 19:57
by erict
I like this idea. You could specify that if the sector number is preceeded by a minus sign, it is a relative, backward jump from the current location. If it is preceeded by a plus sign, it is a relative, forward jump from the current location.
If at 0, -1 gets you to the last sector. From here a 1 gets you to sector 1, but a +1 would get you to sector 0. And so on...