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Adjustable Offset

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 06:05
by buzbard
Often I edit files from 8-bit emulators such as WinVice (Commodore 64) and Stella (Atari 2600).
These files load at different addresses in those emulators.

For example, a file may load at address 0xC000 or another file may load at 0x0801.

To make editing easier it would be nice if the offset could be (temporarily) changed to reflect the load address.

So, if a file loads at 0xC000, instead of seeing this in Hxd:

Code: Select all

00000000 F8 23 E4 12 00 76 ...
We could see this:

Code: Select all

0000C000 F8 23 E4 12 00 76 ...