Search & Replace for All files

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Search & Replace for All files

Post by hexaae » 17 Jun 2013 18:12

Today I've had to Search & Replace the same hex-string in 65 files...
What about an option in the Replace panel to apply action to all loaded files (from left to right)? This, together with the Save All files... feature already present would be exactly what I need.

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Re: Search & Replace for All files

Post by mcb » 11 Oct 2013 16:07

I have the exact same wish. The Replace dialog even has some free space to the left of Search direction to fit in something like this:

[ ] Selection
[x] Active file
[ ] All files

Could then also be applied to Find. Actually, I like dialogs where you can switch between the Find and Replace tabs (same dialog), because often one leads to the other.

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