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Command line options

Post by TELunus »

Some time ago I was thinking that command line options would be quite helpful to me. Reading through the readme.txt I saw, on the topic of feature requests "Mail me your ideas and also don't forget to tell me the benefits." So I sent the following email:


I'v been using HxD for just a little while now, and I quite like it. I have been extensively using it to modify disk images. However at one point I tried to run it command line options, and I found that it was trying to interpret them as a file name. Obviously that means that if I just wanted to open a file I could do it from a batch script. However since I want to open the file as a disk image I have to launch the program manually and navigate the menus to open my file. For this reason I would find it quite helpful if HxD could use command line options at least to use it's various opening mechanisms, and probably some other menu items would be useful as well (I particularly often use select all and copy, which there are various ways you could make available by command line options, and paste write)

Let me know what you think.

------ ------------"

shortly thereafter I received the following reply:

"Hi ------,

Thanks for your suggestion. Command line options are definitely useful. I get a lot of feature requests though, and if you don't want it to get lost it is best to post a topic in the forum or search for a similar one. That way you can also subscribe and get informed when a feature gets implemented.

Best regards,
Maël Hörz"

However I, like Maël, have a million things to do, so I only now got around to actually seeing whether there was an existing feature request for this. Since I found out there was not, I am doing as recommended and making a forum post.

tldr: Command line options would be really neat.

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Re: Command line options

Post by GOTBLZ »

Sorry for bumping an ancient request, but I feel my request benefits this, so rather than post a new one, I thought I would add it here,

I'm unsure of what your coding HxD in, but I do a hell of a lot of editing with files, and I have to make automated scripts to edit data within files using HxD, which of course is open to mistakes, plus takes extra time, so my question is (that relates to the previous post), is it not possible to easily add some of the current options offered in the menus of HxD as passable command lines? Like the previous person who wanted to open a disk image without having to navigate HxD's menu, (im not trying to sound rude, i'm just brain storming) i'd imagine opening as a disk image would be much the same as the open file command, just for disk images, and this is where my part comes in, would it at all be possible to pass multiple commands as in say selecting a block of data, and then (example, -selblock (CTRL+E Command) %startoffset% %endoffset% and then -pastein (or -pastewrite (which rather than being from clipboard could be another passable command be it %hexdatain%))

As to how it would help me? It'd save me time and work, being that I wouldn't find myself in a place where I come back to the computer, and it's pasting data into another program or something, plus I believe a lot of other people are looking for basic passable command lines from HxD's normal menu options.


(EDIT: I totally don't mean any of that to sound disrespectful for the HxD you've given us, as I would be totally lost without it, I don't know how any other Hex Editing Software company survives with HxD around...., so thank you for your work, you are a legend)

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