More checksum options

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More checksum options

Post by bupbupbup »

The option to keep a running 8/16/32-bit total is already there, but those options still operate on individual bytes. e.g: 86 FE B7 21 52 BD 4F 58 is always calculated by adding up the individual bytes ( 86+FE+B7+21+52+BD+4F+58) regardless of whether the final checksum is 8, 16, or 32 bits.

Being able to calculate checksums by word (or dword) would be nice. i.e: 86 FE B7 21 52 BD 4F 58 = 86FE+B721+52BD+4F58
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Re: More checksum options

Post by Maël »

Add Xor-8 as described in "CheckSum8 Xor" on ... alculator/

Add similar Xor-16 and Xor-32, once the exact algorithm is clear, and there is a reference implementation/algorithm.
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