Suggestions for HxD: Visual overview of edited data & Markers, Selective saving & Project option

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Suggestions for HxD: Visual overview of edited data & Markers, Selective saving & Project option

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In this post there are at least two suggestions I would like to make for HxD: (i) visual indication and overview of textual edits and (ii) the use of markers. Concerning the first, it looks somewhat like a kind of visual project overview where certain existing elements are shown as though zoomed out.

Concerning (i):
A possible way of having this, at least at the design level, is to have an extra (and of course clear) vertical bar on the left or right side showing---as though zoomed out---the same red colors of any edited text. Upon saving the file, that red visual indication is removed (along with the removed red from the text as the program is right now), but additionally that red of this indicative overview is replaced by green to indicate that the user has made a change there and saved it.

As the user scrolls down or up, the overview colors (if applicable) moves along accordingly.

Concerning (ii)---markers:
It would be nice to have markers easily available for the user. The most obvious use is of course to easily and quickly jump to a certain section using easy to access shortcuts. It would be good if these markers can be saved to be used the next time the file is opened.

Both points (i) and (ii) led me to two extra points for suggestions: (i)′ selective saving and (ii)′ a project option.

Concerning (i)′:
The user may choose to selectively save a part of what he edited and leave the rest of his edits unsaved. Perhaps Shift Ctrl S would work for the moment as a shortcut, while the user simply selects the lines to be saved.

If none is selected, all edited text, in the current view or at least the three lines where the cursor or all connecting lines of edited text touching the cursor, is saved. There may be an option to set the standard selective saving mode.

Concerning (ii)′:
A simple project option where a project is properly saved and where certain files are properly and automatically being maintained, such as:

• a file for markers;
• setting a standard (changeable and removable) connected TBL file;
• and so on.

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