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Extract text chars to (Edit/Log window) - Graphical visualisation

Posted: 22 Sep 2017 18:18
by Dan
First off, thanks for releasing HxD as Freeware. It is useful, and i use it often.

I have few ideas, which would be nice to see them in a Hex editor.

1. Extracting readable chars.
Search for every ascii char in the file, and copy the words to a new editor/Log window (or save the output to a new file, maybe).

so that the output contains only the ascii chars, something like this:

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a nu a text bla bla bla 
s f do lsdf sdo word by word
or maybe each find in a new line:

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Options could be, to search for: a-z, AZ, numbers. Each selectable separately.

2. Graphical visualization:

To display the file as either binary (01011010) - black and white dotted graphic
or colored bytes (0-255)
or RGB formatted output

So the HxD would open a new Graphical window, and plot the file as color, using the format from above.

The user should be able to adjust width and height of the plotted area. and if there is still data to draw, to be able to adjust the starting position.
(like + - or slider, and the tool would redraw this graphic automatically, without closing the window)

The user should be able to switch between the settings 'on the fly' without closing the Graphical window.

Binary representation would then have minimum 8 width, extending the view by 8 pixel.
Byte representation would use 1 byte for each color and pixel.
RGB would use 3 bytes for one pixel, where each byte represents red, green and blue value (like #ff15b6)