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Context menu for search results: copy as text, copy offsets, copy hex

Posted: 17 Jan 2018 16:17
by Dairymoose
After using the Find Dialog and selecting Search All, the offset/excerpt list that appears in the "Search" tab is not interactive. As a feature request, it would be useful if there was a context menu or button that could be used to copy the results to the clipboard. As it stands, getting a list of all offsets from the search results would require manually transcribing them or extracting them from HxD's program memory. Thanks.

Re: Copy as Text for Search All

Posted: 21 Jan 2018 17:12
by Maƫl
So you want a context menu for the search results window to copy all the selected search results.

Either the text, hex or offset columns, or all three of them at once.

I clarified the title and extended your feature request a bit.