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Checksum in Data Inspector

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 20:12
by wpe
HxD version

By clicking the Analysis -> Checksums to calculate the checksums is not very convenience. And it seems I have to go through the clicks again if I changed my data selection. The Refresh button is not really helping me.

My suggestion is to make the checksum results available in the Data Inspector window.

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Re: Checksum in Data Inspector

Posted: 10 Nov 2018 04:24
by Maël
Not sure what the difference would be and how it would really work.

In general the results would stay in the checksum window, not datainspector. But I guess you mean it should behave similiarily. Please elaborate.

Re: Checksum in Data Inspector

Posted: 11 Nov 2018 19:36
by wpe
My suggestion is to add the "Available algorithms" of Checksums into the "Tools-->Options-->Data inspector-->Available data types" list.

So, users may get the checksum of the selected data instantly.

Re: Checksum in Data Inspector

Posted: 11 Nov 2018 19:58
by Maël
Ok, maybe there could be an option for checksums that does immediate/live updates. But in general this is too slow to be updated instantly. The data inspector works because it only looks at small amounts of data. Checksums can cover an entire file, which can be GiB's of data.

A possible solution would be to add options/checkboxes to the results window, to enable tracking of the current selection, so that the update button would consider it.

It would be three options:
  • original selection
  • current selection
  • entire file

Re: Checksum in Data Inspector

Posted: 05 Dec 2018 17:33
by wpe
I agree that data inspector works for the data at the current cursor or selection. That's exactly what I'm begging for, checksum for only the selected small amount of data bytes, not the entire file. I'd believe such a handy feature would benefit a lot users.

If someone selected a large amount of data, then s/he would know it takes time.

If slowness is a concern, we may have some ways to mitigate the concern:
1. leave the checksum default to unchecked (not enabled) for data inspector. Users have to explicitly enable it so s/he would know the potential waiting

2. grey out (disable) the checksum if a large amount of data is selected. That is, do not calculate the checksum in the data inspector if too many data bytes selected

3. start checksum calculation only if selection is done and will be cancelled/invalidated if the selection changes.

By the way, another suggestion for the "Generate checksums" window (by selecting Analysis->Checksums...), it may be nice to add a start/stop offset to specify the data selection rather than let users select the data using mouse/keyboard in the main file window. This would be very helpful if a large amount of data is to be calculated.