Works in Linux trough Wine.

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Works in Linux trough Wine.

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Hi. This message is just to announce to all the Linux buffs (who already didn't know) that HxD also works in Linux reasonably well trough the Wine project. Using Puppy Linux 4.3.1 and Wine build 1.1.35, I tested HxD's latest version and learned the following:

File editing: Seems to work allright. I tried overwriting, deleting and inserting bytes with various dummy files, and found it to cause no ill effects to the file system.

RAM editing: Didn't test this extensively, but found that HxD seemed to recognize Win32 processes that Wine had launched, making RAm editing theoretically possible.

Disk editing: I was too afraid to actually open my physical hard drive under Linux with the disk editor, so no data here. Opening Wine's virtual C:-drive didn't work, HxD aborted this attempt with an error message about a bad device type.

Linux hex editors still suck for the most part, so any Linux user reading this might wanna install Wine and try HxD out instead. File editing seems to work beautifully, which already made me prefer HxD over anything else, now even in Linux. Just about the only real problem was the crummy font that Wine uses, it makes the ASCII-window look messy.
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