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Done: HxD 2.0 soon ?

Posted: 17 Jul 2016 15:38
by Mewrn

HxD is just awesome, and I wonder if the version 2.0 will come soon.

Also, if you need a french translator, I can do the job :)

Re: HxD 2.0 soon ?

Posted: 22 Jul 2016 00:18
by Maël
It will come soonish. Some bugs were reported that I want to fix before.

Le Ch@land is currently the French translator and he just finished the main translation. But you are welcome to report any translation mistakes or help out in future.

When the setup messages are translated, too, I'll update the Beta download link and post it here.

Re: HxD 2.0 soon ?

Posted: 16 Jul 2018 17:53
by Maël
HxD 2.0 stable is out.