Is it possible?

Help on how to use HxD.
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Is it possible?

Post by crabjoe »

I need some help. What I am trying to do is delete from GPS locations from a binary file, which I don't feel is possible with a Hex editor.

Here's were the confusion lies. There's a guy that is updating the GPS locations.. adding and deleting locations, which I would also like to do. When I asked him what he was using to decompile the file, he stated he was doing this completely with a hex editor. Which I have a hard time believing, especially since I've looked at the file and can't see where to add or even delete the locations.

Can anyone look at the bin file and tell me if the guy is messing with me or is telling the truth?

The file can be downloaded from the Uniden Support page for Radar Detector:

It's any of the files under Firmware that has a database associated with it. I think the last one is: Updated 06/12/2019 R7_v124.124.111_db190402.bin

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Re: Is it possible?

Post by Maël »

In theory everything is possible with a hex editor, if you know the file format, and it isn't encrypted.

Interpreting a random file format without significant time investment is not possible, though.

If you have the device, a good option is to compare changes in recorded GPS data, using a file compare. Or do that with various firmware revisions (assuming they mostly differ in the relevant GPS data), and work your way from there.

To get an idea of how understanding files in a hex editor is even possible in general, see here: ... ex-editor/
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