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What do the Statistics actually show when opening a physical drive? What does the count refer to as you use the cursor to move the logical block address?

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Re: Statistics

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It shows the same information as for files: the byte distribution of the whole file/drive.

So each bar represents the amount of a byte value: first bar represents the count of bytes with a value of 0, the last bar represents the count of bytes with a value of 255. In braces the corresponding character is shown.

For drives though this operation takes pretty long as drives tend to be rather large.

This operation can for example help to identify the type of a file, since different file types result in different typical graphs.
For example a compressed file usually has an even character distribution, while a WAV-file looks similar to a U or a V, i.e. at the left and right the bars go up to the top and towards the middle it goes down to the bottom.

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