*I don't understand*

Help on how to use HxD.
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*I don't understand*

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I modded Final Fantasy 13-2 not too long ago but that was only because I google it and everything was laid right out on the table for me as far as what to change the values to and what each line meant. I'm now trying to find a way to mod Call of Duty Ghosts for Ps3 and I'm having no luck finding anyone who knows what they are doing. How do I know what's what and what to change?
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Re: *I don't understand*

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There is no general guide on how to mod a program/game.

You need to know how the game stores its data. If you know the format you can modify the data.

What you can do is search for known values (see the find/search menu) using the "integer" option or "float" if it is floating point. If your value is seldom enough you will find the right position. Then you can replace that value with the one you want.

It requires quite some work to understand the format though, especially if the program/game takes counter measures or compresses data.

In other words, this is not something that is quick to explain or even fully explainable. It requires intimate understanding of computer programs and how they store data.

You can try if this information gets you going: http://wiki.cheatengine.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
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