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Kind of hope someone can help...

Posted: 18 Nov 2015 12:53
by stick

I am editing an ECU file, and i would like to amend the beginning of the file to send a bad request. (to protect it)

I have read it can be done as the tool that reads the ecu looks for Ax (good request) and putting Bx (bad request) here instead it fails.

Im just stumped on what the Bx is in Hex to put in the file. The ecu is read via KLine if any help.

Re: Kind of hope someone can help...

Posted: 19 Nov 2015 18:07
by Maƫl
What is an ECU file? A little more background is necessary.

To solve your problem we need to know at least the file format and have example files.

This way it's a huge guess work.

The only general tips I can give you is that either it is stored as text, and you an see it in the rightmost column and simply overwrite Ax with Bx, or it is encoded as a number. What number is chosen to encode this is hard to guess.

I suggest you post in a forum where people use that file format or wrote this "KLine" program for more information.