Help on how to use HxD.
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Post by Lenn »

First of all, I'm new to all the swf stuff.
When I want to edit a swf I drag and drop it into the hxd editor but then this appears: (all the weird letters)

When I then go into the swf editor I see this:

Did I change a setting in my hxd or is something else wrong with my hxd or with the swf (I have already tested several swf's but they all show this)


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Re: [HxD]

Post by Maël »

Your SWF editor probably shows then non-compressed or non-encoded data, but doesn't store it this way to disk.

HxD just displays the data in the file as it finds it, which is apparently encoded, encrypted or compressed. It could also be that the SWF editor shows just a part of the file and skips headers or other special data.

A related blog post may help:
https://blog.mh-nexus.de/2014/12/how-to ... ex-editor/

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