How to gather 2 files

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How to gather 2 files

Post by Yveline »

Hello !
I have an corrupted video file .avi and to repair this, I should like to try to gather this file with another .avi in good shape.
Please, somebody can tell me how to do it ?
Thank you very much for your help !

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Re: How to gather 2 files

Post by Maël »

Apparently nobody chimed in to give a reply and you probably solved that issue already.

I am no expert in fixing AVI files, but I assume you meant to compare two files? HxD has a simple compare function under the analysis menu.
If you meant to join two files:
There is a file concatenation feature under the menu extras|file operations (outils|outils fichiers in French), too, which would join two files into one.
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