Unable to write to CF card

Help on how to use HxD.
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Unable to write to CF card

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Windows 10 x64.

I am trying to overwrite from sector 0 on a CF card but I get access denied.

I run HxD as admin. The CF card is in a USB2 card reader, plugged directly into the PC.

The card reads fine, it's only at the save stage I get the Access Denied. I read I need a Windows XP or Linux machine to do this. Is that the case, or is there some way of doing this?



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Re: Unable to write to CF card

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You have to unmount the logical disk/volume for that CF card using Disk Management.
Then you should be able to open the physical disk for that CF card in HxD.

If that doesn't work, try XP, or write me a mail and I send you the Beta 2.0 (which does some things so that disks can be written to in more cases).

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