Changing colours in HxD in a .dll file.

Help on how to use HxD.
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Changing colours in HxD in a .dll file.

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Hello I have a .dll file which I want to edit in HxD my question is it how to edit for example, a button and how to change its colour maybe even height widht background colour etc. Or even for text just how to change a layout from a file. Thanks for the help ;D
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Re: Changing colours in HxD in a .dll file.

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That depends on how the window is created. If it's a traditional Win32 app that uses resources to construct the GUI, you can modify it using a resource editor.

If it is drawn manually, like Qt does, you have to find the relevant code and modify it. Or maybe it uses Qt Quick and there is some text representation (similar to HTML) embedded somewhere in the exe.

Similar for Delphi program, which have embedded DFM files. Resource Hacker can edit them, for example.

In short: it's hard to give general advice, since you have to know in what language the program was written, and then use the appropriate tools to edit it.

If you know what you are looking for exactly, you can use a hex editor to replace that.
You could for example try to search for integers (See the menu Find|Search) if you know the width and height of the button, and search for all the integers in the EXE file, then change them one after another and see which one affects the button.

This will only work if the integers are stored as binary, otherwise you can try to search for integers stored as text.
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