How to revert the change of offset:1C2 from 07 to 42?

Help on how to use HxD.
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How to revert the change of offset:1C2 from 07 to 42?

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I tried HxD for transforming my hitachi hard disk from dynamic to basic without formatting. I followed this tutorial. ... ss.191006/

Now my hard disk is'nt been recognized anymore. It is shown on device manager under disk drivers section, as well as under disk management. But as unknown disk. Tried to initialize disk but it failed.
I think reverting this change will get my hard disk back but since my hard disk is'nt appearing as a valid disk, i can't open it again by HxD.

Any idea regarding how to?

Any suggested fix will be highly appreciated!

thanks in advance
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Re: How to revert the change of offset:1C2 from 07 to 42?

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You have to open the physical disk that contained the partition. HxD counts starting from 1, Window's Disk Management starts counting physical disks at 0.

So disk 2 in disk management should be physical drive 3 in HxD. But you should double check you selected the right disk by verifying the size of the disk. Open the disk and go to the end of it (press ctrl+end). The offset will indicate the size of the disk in bytes then. Click on Offset(h) in the top left to switch to Offset(d), so the offset is given as a decimal number. To get the size in GB divide this offset by 1024*1024*1024.

Now when you opened the right physical disk you have to find out where the partition (= the logical disk/drive) in this disk starts. That's a little more involved to explain. Check MBR or GPT for that:

Alternatively, the program test disk might be helpful.

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