Integration of gnu file tool or recognition of "magic bytes"

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Integration of gnu file tool or recognition of "magic bytes"

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In order to recognise filetypes ... e.g.
- in memory
- in discs
- for files with wrong extension

it would be useful to have an integration of the "GNU file" tool, which is very popular für X-Operating Systems, but not for Windows.
There is a portation on
OT: unfortunately it doesn't seem to be maintained well, since is recognises *.docx as ZIP-Archives ...which they in fact are. But *.odt is recognised right.

There is also a public list of "magic bytes", which help to recognise file types:
=> "hex signature"
and maybe there's a db-like form of this list, which could be uncluded into HxD to find those magic bytes or alarm, when file extension doesn't match to magic byte when opening a file. E.g. irfanview does something like this when opening a picture.

I guess it could be a great enhancement for HxD to find and recognise filetypes.

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