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Apply here for translating HxD or discuss the available translations. Current translators are listed here, too.
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Hello Maël

I have been using HxD for more than two years, which I find pleasant to use and that is why I would like to make my personal contribution to this high quality project.
I am French, I have a relatively good command of the English language and I noticed that the translation of the software made by Hubert Canevet is incomplete or even perfectible (aware of the work that the translation represents, I however obviously thank him for his work)
I also saw that you chose not to provide access to the source codes and I understand your choices without judging them even if it makes the translation more difficult.
I have a Delphi editor as well as the means to compare .po, .xml, .qm files and I use HxD quite regularly to know the menus and submenus quite well.

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