Open files in WinRE

Help on how to use HxD.
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Open files in WinRE

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I am planning to use HxD in Windows Recovery Environment and have arrived at a stumbling block.

I have copied the files to the bootable USB drive, booted into Windows Recovery Environment and opened the program from the Command Prompt (admin). However, when trying to Open a file nothing happens i.e. no explorer window appears. Does anybody know what I need to do?
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Re: Open files in WinRE

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Which Windows version of WinRE did you use?

When you said "and opened the program" you mean you opened HxD and it started successfully? But clicking the menu File|Open does not show a file open window?

If that's the case, this is a limitation of the specific configuration/WinRE version. But you can still open a file in HxD by passing it over the command line, like this:

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HxD.exe "path\filename"
Also: what happens if you open another program like Notepad.exe, does it show a file open window/dialog?
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