Support High-DPI GDI Rendering

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Support High-DPI GDI Rendering

Post by imadewins »


For the most part, HxD renders with GDI HDP rendering properly, but some of the (custom) rendering of the hex view does not and looks blurry when enabled, a few glitches happen as well.

To enable this for HxD Go to the Compatibility tab then set the setting to:

Set display scale anything other than 100% and it will have bugs.

Should be a simple fix.

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Re: Support High-DPI GDI Rendering

Post by Maël »

It needs a new set of icons, for which I need a new license.

Delphi's VCL has several bugs for high DPI, new versions are 2000€ (Delphi Professional is the cheapest edition supporting the features that HxD needs).
It's more than a simple fix ;)

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