Hex firmware exporting/importing

Help on how to use HxD.
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Hex firmware exporting/importing

Post by atifmr »

I have two text editors , " Neo" and HxD
I did Open File and chose the firmware with Neo but the line I wanted to change didn't appear anywhere in the text window ,
but Neo also has several other open options like open proccess and open Hex. I chose the option to , Open Hex and when I did ,
sure enough I found the line I want to change , it starts at 0000165a
I changed it ( keeping the same amount of characters) , saved it , but when I tried to load it back into the editor it told me it was corrupt.

That was when I downloaded HxD , Thinking I might have more luck, but when I load the file in there , The line I want is nowhere to be seen .
at 0000165a it should start with 53 75 72 65 which are the hex codes for ' Sure ' but instead it says 39 32 38 30 which doesn't make much sense to me

Can someone please tell me how , using HxD do I load in my hex firmware and get it to display the text in a readable manner ,
and then is there any special way to save it , after altering the text , so that the file is not corrupt ?

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Re: Hex firmware exporting/importing

Post by Maël »

It's a bit difficult to understand what you are trying to say. So I am doing a lot of guesswork here.

What format is your firmware in? It may be it is encoded as Intel Hex or Motorola S-Records. In that case you would need to import it (see the menu) before you edit it, as it's a text file that needs to be converted to binary first.

Currently HxD has no export function though, so you won't be able to save it as Intel Hex again. However you can save it to another file as binary and then use http://srecord.sourceforge.net/ to convert it to Intel Hex/S-records.

Or you can simply use that tool to convert back and forth between binary and text, and edit the binary file in a hex editor.

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