Cannot reproduce: error creating hxd.ini

Bug reports concerning HxD.
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Cannot reproduce: error creating hxd.ini

Post by ronchristie »

Hi Mael,

When using HxD on a Windows 7 machine, if I load it from the desktop via a shortcut icon I get:

Cannot create file "C:\Program Files\HxD\HxD.ini". Access is denied.

If I right-click the shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator", then everything works as expected, so there is a workaround, except...

If you're trying to use the tool on a remote desktop where (depending on the host OS version) the security question isn't transmitted, it effectively hangs your session. :cry:

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Re: error creating hxd.ini

Post by Maël »

Did you use the setup program or did you use the portable version of HxD and moved the exe-file to the "Program Files" directory manually?

If you used the setup program this error should not occur.

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