Little Endian byte grouping

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Little Endian byte grouping

Post by wpe » 15 Jun 2018 01:56

I'm using the "View->Byte Group Size" feature. However, it seems it always assumes the data is Big Endian.

That is, 01 02 will be grouped as 0102, or 01 02 03 04 will be grouped as 01020304, and so on.

I wish there could be an option to let 01 02 be grouped as 0201, and 01 02 03 04 become 04030201.

I'm sorry if there is such a feature already. However, please bring the control somewhere close to the group size selection if this is the case.


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Re: Little Endian byte grouping

Post by Maël » 16 Jun 2018 01:08

That feature doesn't exist yet, indeed.
If it will be added, then yes, close to the other byte grouping options.

You may want to check out the data inspector as well, which can show data in little or big endian.

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