System Error: The handle is invalid

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System Error: The handle is invalid

Post by plutomaniac » 30 Aug 2018 21:34


At HxD 2.0 I keep getting the System Error "The handle is invalid".

Capture.PNG (2.44 KiB) Viewed 99 times

You can reproduce like so:

1) Open two files via the context menu (Open with HxD)
2) Switch from the 2nd file tab to the 1st
3) Switch from the 1st file tab to the 2nd
4) Try to close HxD from the X

You may need to switch between the tabs 2-3 more times in case it doesn't happen the first time.

I've also noticed that, when you "Open with HxD", the HxD window does not appear at the top like it should but stays minimized.

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